Voices of Australian Science & Technology

A publication of The Royal Society of Victoria

Four issues of VAST have been published, edited by Dr Doug McCann and Craig Robertson, and comprising the articles listed below:
  • No. 1 April 2005: Dr. J.G. Douglas: geologist, palaeobotanist, sportsman; Dr. Nicola Stern: archaeologist
  • No. 2 July 2005: Dr. John Zillman: Meteorologist; Betty Laby: Statistician and 'computer'
  • No. 3 October 2005: Nancy Millis, AC: microbiologist; Bruce Livett: biochemist
  • No. 4 February 2006: Phillip Law, AC: physicist, explorer, educationist, administrator; Clive Coogan: solid state physicist, instrument maker; an obituary

Links of interest

For related websites of interest that feature similar interviews and biographical material:

Australian Academy of Science: Interviews with Australian Scientists
Encyclopedia of Australian Science: a University of Melbourne-based register of people and organisations that have contributed to Australian science; includes much biographical material.
The Study: Craig Robertson's podcast site; it includes downloadable programs that include interviews with some leading scientists.

Last updated: 5 January, 2011